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The best quality. Because life is not negotiable.
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A wide range of instruments that will fit your best practice.
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We supply only approved CE and FDA medical devices.
Certified Medical Grade Devices
Because from a quality device it depends the safety of a patient, we do not offer you compromises. We offer you the best or nothing. Every tool is manufactured to the highest standards of quality, and it is singularly inspected and packed before shipment.
We have a huge range of surgical and dental instruments, each kind carrying different characteristics that will help you to find what matches your best practice. Because you deserve the same care that you provide to your patients.
Our medical instruments are CLASS I MEDICAL DEVICES, and comply with the tightest cGMP provisions. As required by the European and the USA authorities, they carry the following quality control certificates: ISO 9001-2008, ISO 13485-2003, CE Approved, FDA Approved.
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Surgical instruments
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